Set Sail with MetroDolls Souvenir Items

MetroDolls sailed the world to find the perfect outfits and accessories for a cruise vacation.  Take a look below to see our offerings.  

There's lots of details about what dolls the outfits/shoes fit, but you can just look at the pretty pictures :)

Remaining items will be available soon on our website, so be sure to check the SALES tab for those.

Our first outfit is ISLAND GETAWAY by Ruby Red Galleria. The outfit is shown on Lacie Churchill (not the MetroDolls souvenir one).  She has a modified version of the RTB101 body. We designed the outfit to fit multiple bodies, so it will fit slimmer dolls very nicely as well.  The shoes, however, are for larger foot 16" dolls like RTB101, Ellowyne and Antoinette.  The bracelets go on dolls with removable hands.  It also includes a multi-chain necklace and earrings.

She is shown with some of the SET SAIL ACCESSORIES which include a hard sided suitcase that opens and has a telescoping handle, a painted rattan fan-shaped purse, a colorful sash/belt, a brightly colored rattan fan and travel stickers for the suitcase.  The suitcase, sash/belt and fan colors vary.

Here is our fabulous centerpiece from DAE - Vivian in "TENNIS ANYONE?" based on Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  

DAE did an additional outfit from Gentleman Prefer Blondes - STROLLING ON DECK.  This will fit best on Vivian and Gene/Tyler size dolls.  The shoes are in that size as well. 

We designed most outfits to fit various 16" doll bodies, like Antoinette, Gene, slim fashion BJD's, Tyler, Ellowne and RTB101.  The shoes do not fit all dolls - we had to pick sizes and there is an assortment.

Next is TAHITIAN TREAT by Anna Lipka.  It comes in 5 prints - Tiger, Green/Aqua, Purple/Gold, Dark Blue/Purple and Coral.  It consists of 3 pieces (top, shorts and sarong skirt), shoes, bracelet, and earrings.  The fabric for the top and shorts is stretchy and will fit just about any 16" dolls - it is modeled on 5 different bodies in the photo - Kingdom Doll, Gene, Tyler, Ellowyne and Lacie (also fits RTB101).  The shoes will not fit Lacie/RTB101, but work on all of the other dolls (older Kingdom Doll in photo, not the extreme high heel foot).  

BAHAMA BREEZE is by Sherry O'Brien and has a smocked top gown, bracelet, necklace, earrings and shoes.  Because of the smocking, it fits great on just about any 16" doll.  It is shown on Kingdom Doll, Lacie and Tyler.  The shoes fit Tyler/Gene best.  They are too small for Ellowyne/Antoinette.  It comes in 3 patterns - Pansy, Coral, and Tropical.

Next up is SHE SELLS SEYCHELLES by Debra Cooper/Grace Couture of Australia.  It is an adorable play suit with skirt, halter top, reversible hat, straw wedge shoes and feather earrings.  There's also a few sea shells in the package :)  The outfit is shown on Cami (Antoinette body) and Lacie (top is a bit tight... better on RTB101).  It will fit most 16" fashion dolls.  The shoes fit Antoinette, Ellowyne and RTB101/Lacie. 

It's also adorable on Doug James' 1470 doll!

Our last 2 outfits are from XClusively R&D of Taiwan.
ST. TROPEZ has a crop top, designer print skirt, earrings. bracelet, purse and shoes.  Thes shoes fit Tyler/Gene/Antoinette.  The outfit is on the slimmer side and will fit most fashion BJD's (shown on Kingdom Doll), Gene, Tyler and Antoinette.  It does not fit RTB101/Lacie. 

TEQUILA SUNSET is a flowing halter gown.  It has hooks and ties in the back.  It will fit almost all 16" dolls, but one of the hooks does not hook on RTB101 (it does hook on Lacie).  The outfit includes gown, head scarf, purse, earrings, bracelet and shoes.  The shoes fit Gene/Tyler/Antoinette.

Next we have the ISLAND HOPPING ACCESSORY SET.  It has a hat by Gudrun Eder of Germany, purse by Monica Cooper and shoes/jewelry by Facets.  The bracelets require removable hands.  The shoes fit RTB101/Lacie, Antoinette and Ellowyne.  They are too large for most other dolls.

We also have the CURACAO RESORT BAG. This is a leather handbag by Facets in exclusive tropical colors for MetroDolls.  

Lastly, we have 2 backdrops made by Facets for MetroDolls.  They are featured in the pictures above - SHIP DECK and SHIP AT SEA.  

We hope you enjoyed seeing the items that we created for our tropical cruise vacation!  Remainders will be for sale soon on our site.