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 Thank you to all of the talented artists and donors who have donated to our 2022 charity auction!

This auction will be held live on Sunday October 23rd during our Set Sail with MetroDolls event in Red Bank, NJ.  Please see our Registration page to attend!

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Created by MetroDolls

Features JamieShow Blossom Jamie doll repainted and with custom brunette wig by Laurie Lenz/Angel Doll Studio.  Full trunk fitted with a foldable bed and bedding, Contains a large variety of OOAK and manufactured clothing and props.

Created and Donated by Robert Tonner

Lacie Churchill models a slim lavender column gown with black lace overlay.  Also included are matching gauntlets and a black lace cape with oversize  rose closure.


Created and Donated by Yuko Waugh
Fits most 16" Fashion Dolls 

Includes kimono, red Obi belt with matching purse, fan, hibiscus flower hair pin, red comb, Zouri shoes and and Obi charm.  Dressed on Scarlet Temptress Madra, but also fits Tyler.


1470 Doll Created and Donated by Doug James

OOAK 14" porcelain doll by Doug James.


Created and Donated by DAE Originals/David Escobedo
OOAK 16" ball-jointed resin doll by DAE with platinum blond wig, navy blue sequin dress and matching opera coat.  Also includes gloves, jewelry, shoes, hat and undergarments.


Created and Donated by Aquatalis
Fits Aquatalis Lam and similar bodies

Full fashion set includes gown, shoes, accessories and hard cap wig. No doll included.


Created and Donated by MinhTu Nguyen
Gown fits Kingdom Doll and similar bodies
Gown only. No doll included.

Created and Donated by Emperis Doll
Emperis Dolls
Pinstripe silk one-piece kimono fusion dress with Mandarin sleeves and outlandish headpiece.  Includes magnetic closure retro handbag with lion ornament. Dress fits most slim 16" fashion dolls like Emperis Dolls, Kingdom Doll, Ficon, Gene, Numina, etc.
Outfit includes dress, hat, necklace, earrings, hosiery and handbag.  No doll, shoes or gloved hands included.


Q/C Doll from the Collection of Marsha Hunt

This Quality Control Gene doll is based on a design worn by actress Marsha Hunt and shown in her book "The Way We Wore".  This doll belonged to Ms. Hunt, who was on of Mel Odom's original inspirations for the Gene doll.  Ms. Hunt passed away recently at age 104.  The doll was returned to Mel Odom shortly before he passing.  The box has Ms. Hunt's hand-written description of the doll and a personal note by Mel Odom included.

Please note: The doll's head is glued to her body and does not move.


Created and Donated by France Briere/Bijou*Doll

12" articulated vinyl body doll meticulously repainted with artist-grade acrylic paint and varnish. She is dressed in a non-removable fashion with customized stand to match the outfit and has a permanent mohair wig with jeweled head piece.  Her jewelry includes a starfish necklace, hoop earrings, bracelets and a ring.


Created and Donated by Debra Cooper/Grace Couture
Palazzo outfit from Magalie Dawson pattern created for Ellowyne.  
Wigged Out Ellowyne is included in the auction
*This costume won  the Doll Artisan Guild "Pretty as a Picture" Award*


Created and Donated by Bryan Hopper
Made for Gene.  Includes skirt, jacket, cape, pants, sleeveless blouse, belt, headband, 2 purses and shoes.  Worn by Calendar Shot Gene (included).

Created and Donated by Ilaria

Hand made hard cap wig to fit JamieShow Gene head.  Doll not included.

Created and Donated by Ilaria

Hand made hard cap wig to fit Kingdom Doll head.  Includes stand.

Created and Donated by Chewin

Hand made hard cap wig to fit Kingdom Doll.  Doll not included.

Created and Donated by Redge Tabaniag

OOAK gown fits Kingdom Doll and similar bodies.  No doll included.

Created and Donated by AlmaDoll
Dress only.  Fits Atelier Kingdom Dolls or other similar body types.  No doll included.

Created and Donated by Andrea Jaques

Fits Kingdom Doll and similar bodies.  OOAK beaded suit includes jacket, pants, purse and shoes.


Created and Donated by Michael Giunta

A restyled Diana Prince wearing a one shoulder gown.  The gown is made of blue Ombre silk lined in pale lavender Habotai silk.  Details include a rosette on shoulder and attached side train. Diana has had her hair restyled and eyelashes added.


Created and Donated by Alana Bennett
Black and purple stripe full gown with black applique and trims.  Includes purple velvet cape embellished with ribbon roses.  Shown on Tyler Wentworth (included).


Created and Donated by XClusively R&D
Gold and copper beaded and sequin gown for slim 16" bodies.  Antoinette included in auction.


Created and Donated by Julie Albas
Reproduction Barbie outfit to fit 16" Gene and similar body dolls.  Outfit only - no doll included.


Created and Donated by Madame M
Made for Ellowyne, but fits other 16" fashion dolls.  Cognac Tyler (donated by Michael Giunta) is included in this auction.

Donated by/Purse by Robbin Atwell
La Belle Mer" is a miniature embellished handbag by Robbin Atwell, modeled by a Tonner doll repainted by Mary Lou Lens.  She is wearing the "Laguna" outfit by Madame Alexander with special sea-themed jewelry (doll and outfit included).


Created and Donated by Anna Lipka
3-piece sarong in custom print with stretch top and shorts, so it will fit almost any 16" fashion doll.  Includes jewelry and shoes from Facets Boutique.  Worn by Honey Antoinette Mannequin (included).


Created and Donated by Dayle Davis
Sweet Cerise Fashions
Gold lame gown with antique black lace detail and removable black/gold brocade peplum (can also be worn as a cape).  Worn by Integrity Marsha Hunt doll (included).  Also shown on JamieShow Eshe (not included).


Created and Donated by Joan Binkley/A Cut Above
Tyler donated by Kathleen Christiansen
Red gown with sequin skirt and faux fur.  Worn by Rapture Tyler (included)


Created and Donated by Suzanne McDonough
Songbird print dress on Midas Touch Madra (included)


Created by Mike Basala/Entre Nous donated by Kathi Ryan/Estate of Ginny Sillman
Tonner Charlotte donated by Mike Basala


Repaint by Adam Hayes and outfit by Mary Beyer, both donated by Dana Abdella


Outfit by Madd Alice donated by Debbie Piotrowski on Essential Ellowyne Redhead donated by Bryan Marsee

By Gudrun Eder


By Gudrun Eder