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MetroDolls... A Novel Romance

Auction to benefit The Guide Dog Foundation

MetroDolls is accepting absentee proxy bids for SOME of the items that will be auctioned on November 12, 2017 at our luncheon. Scroll down for photos of items available for proxy bidding.

Please read all rules CAREFULLY and place generous bids... it all goes to a great cause!

Absentee Proxy Bidding Rules
Please Read Carefully

1.  Absentee bidding is available only for those people who are not attending the event.  If you are attending the event, do not send in a bid.  You will place your bid in person during the auction.

2.  How to send an absentee bid:   
    a.  Absentee bids must be received by Friday, November 10, 2017 at 12:00 noon EST.
    b.  All absentee bids must be sent via email to    
    c.  Click the "BID" button below the item to open a direct email. Use this link supplied for each item so that the subject line of the email shows the name of the item you are bidding on. 
    d.  The minimum bid on all items is $100, unless otherwise indicated.
    e.  In the text of your email, include your full name, mailing address, daytime & evening phone numbers and maximum bid for that item
    f.   Bids will not be opened until after 12:00 pm on November 10th.   
    g.  If you wish to change your bid for an item, you may do so until 12:00 noon EST on Friday, November 10th. We will accept the last amount that you send.
    h.  Failure to comply with the instructions will result in your bid being rejected.

3.  Absentee bids should be made in full dollar amounts in increments of $50.  If your bid is not an even increment of $50, it will be rounded down (e.g., if your bid is $375, we will bid up to $350 for you in the live auction).  Live bids placed at the auction itself may take precedence over absentee bids.  If multiple absentee bids are received in the same amount, the earliest bid will take precedence. 
4.  If you wish to bid on several items, send an individual bid email for each one with the title of the item in the subject line (please use BID button under pictures).  If you win multiple items at auction, you will be responsible for payment of all.

5.  We will not notify you if you have been outbid by another proxy. 

6.  If you have the highest bid received on Friday, we will contact you either by phone or email that evening.  If we are unable to contact you within a few hours, we will go to the next highest bidder.  You will need to give us your credit card number, billing information, and CSV code (the 3 or 4 digits usually on the back of your credit card).  We will need this information to process your bid in the event you are the high bidder. The charge will appear on your credit card from MetroDolls and we will email you a receipt.

7.  You are responsible for paying MetroDolls all shipping costs including tracking and insurance on item(s) won. This will be charged separately after the event.

8.  Auction will be conducted on Sunday, November 12, 2017. A MetroDolls representative will bid on your behalf up to your maximum amount, in increments above other bidders.  For example, if you bid a maximum of $500 for an item and the next highest bidder at the live auction bids $300, you will pay either $350 or $400 (whatever increment the auctioneer decides on).   

9.  We will notify you by email within a few days after the event if you have won an auction(s) and to let you know the shipping costs to be charged to your account.  

10.  Values listed with the items are for the bidder information to determine tax-deductibility amount of your bid.  MetroDolls is a 501c-3 non-profit organization.   Please consult your accountant regarding tax deductions for items purchased at charity auctions.  Minimum bid is $100, regardless of the item value.
Note to winning bidders:  If you have a winning bid and we are unable to charge your credit card, MetroDolls will handle the situation at our discretion.

If you have questions about bidding procedures,
please email us at



To place your bid, please click on the "BID" button below the photo of the item. 
by Yian Lee, Tom Courtney and Ilaria
valued at $1400 &


Kingdom Doll Helen dressed in OOAK Monaeglow gown, wig by Ilaria and jewelry by Facets
valued at $900

Sprockets BJD Dog by Connie Lowe/Marbled Halls
valued at $395


Sprockets BJD Dog by Connie Lowe/Marbled Halls
valued at $395


Sprockets BJD Dog by Connie Lowe/Marbled Halls
valued at $395


OOAK Violett

valued at $900


valued at $1250


"MATOAKA" by Cindy Lorimer
valued at $500


JETT & PEARL OUTFIT by Robbin Atwell
Donated by Robbin Atwell
to fit SD13 type bodies
valued at $235


Donated by Robbin Atwell & Monica Cooper
to fit MSD Girl type bodies (not mature slimmer bodies)
Silk/Wool knitted sweater with silk dress with burnout velvet ruffled trim
valued at $275

DOMINIQUE by Flutterwing
Donated by Shannon Craven
Repainted wigged Tonner Jac doll in OOAK dress
valued at $750

  "ALICE" by Pidgin Doll
Donated by Joshua McKenney
Part of BonBon Collection featuring OOAK dolls in Rococo style with a contemporary twist.  Alice includes high heeled feet as well as flat feet (not shown)
valued at $965


"Let Me In Your Window"
 by Laurie Lenz

Donated by Laurie Lenz
OOAK repainted and re-rooted Bella Swann as Cathy's Ghost in Wuthering Heights.  Custom antique lace nightgown and deep red silk bed jacket.  Cathy carries a lantern as she wanders the moors, tears streaming from her eyes, calling for Heathcliff.
valued at $550


Donated by Marcia Friend
valued at $150