Gone but not forgotten.....
An archive of our sold out souvenir items

These items are no longer available for sale
ILARIA WIG (Metro 2015)
Redhead hard cap wig for JamieShow/JS Gene
LE 20

Gene Centerpiece doll
LE 15
Fashion by Virginia Harwood & jewelry by Facets



Cocktail dress with petticoat, shoes, earrings and black gloves

Shoe and purse set
Does not fit Ellowyne & Antoinette

Shoe and bag set

Tonner ultra basic companion doll
Glinda sculpt on the Antoinette body
Blonde Hair color in edition of 75
Brunette Hair color in Edition of 75


Gown by Virginia Harwood, Shawl by Monica Cooper, Jewelry by Laurie Lenz
& shoes


Event souvenir black velvet cape and accessories

Velvet cape by Virginia Harwood in blue, green or purple for 16" dolls

Black velvet cape by Virginia Harwood for 22" dolls/BJDs

Gene Centerpiece doll
LE 15
Fashion by Virginia Harwood, hair styled by Michael Giunta & jewelry by Facets


SINCLAIR in "Marian'
New S-series sculpt by Doug James
LE 3


"Garden Party Iris" Ultra-Basic Raven & Redhead
by Tonner Doll Company LE 75 each

Tonner's Daphne sculpt on an Antoinette body. Ultra-Basic doll wears a blue lace floral teddy. Raven doll has green eyes and Redhead has brown eyes.

photos courtesy Tonner Doll Co. 

"Waterlily" Centerpiece
LE 15

Integrity "Suited for Fur" Gene doll with hair restyled by Michael Giunta. She wears a vintage garden dress of impressionistic brocade, gold shoes, gloves, and jewelry by Facets. The dress was made by Virginia Harwood. Centerpiece came with lightweight faux stone bench and urn of ivy.

HONEYSUCKLE outfit for 16" fashion dolls
by Virginia Harwood
Cotton sundress with reversible skirt, hat, shoes and belt.


Miniature Flower Book

by Tonner Doll Company LE 200

16" Tonner fashion doll with debut face sculpt dressed in an exquisite period fashion inspired by "Show Boat". Also includes a 5"x7" print of Brian Bulkley's artwork of this doll, commissioned by MetroDolls.

by Tonner Doll Company LE 150

Period style day dress in lavender print. Includes parasol and boots. Also includes a 5"x7" print of Brian Bulkley's artwork of this doll, commissioned by MetroDolls.

Ultra-Basic JULIE
by Tonner Doll Company LE 150

"Julie" uses the Tess Trueheart sculpt done in a tan skin tone and with an elaborate up do.

by Marie Migliaro and Virginia Harwood

1950's style aqua silk cocktail dress with Swarovski rhinestone accents. Includes 2-tone multi-layered tulle petticoat, gloves and rhinestone accented shoes. Fits almost all 16" fashion dolls.

Hair comb and Earrings
by Facets by Marcia

Scaled for a 16" fashion doll. Rhinestone/pearl drop earrings and 3-pronged flower/star hair comb to accent your doll's hairdo.

by Fashion Boulevard & MetroDolls

Includes luxurious black faux fur stole with tails and Swarovski crystal accents, black purse, cocktail hat with rhinestone accent, vintage cotton lace handkerchief, mini-money and a vintage faux cigarette pack. For 16" dolls.


METRO AWARD by Facets by Marcia
Gold and silver metal Metro Award. Gold coin portion rotates and is embellished with comedy/tragedy mask design. Approximately 1 1/4" tall.


MRS. LOVETT Centerpiece doll
by Goodreau Doll LE 25

43cm vinyl BJD using Innuendo face sculpt in a pale white skin tone. Comes with black short dress trimmed in red at the collar, corset, red and black long tulle underskirt, "bloody" apron, rolling pin, boots and 2 wigs (carrot red up do and bright red modern style).

 Outfit by Virginia Harwood LE 75

Inspired by Hollywood photos and a Helen Rose gown in the collection of John Davey.
Black silk over pink/black stripe underskirt. Includes stole, petticoat, gloves and shoes. Fits most 16" fashion dolls.


MetroCouture Suzette
by Tonner Doll Company LE 250

Suzette is an exclusive Tonner sculpt for Cherished Friends Doll Shop, who allowed us to use her as our event souvenir doll. Suzette has variegated wavy brunette hair and wears a layered cranberry and bright rose chiffon gown. Also included is a 5"x7" print of Brian Bulkley's artwork of this doll, commissioned by MetroDolls.

by Tonner Doll Company LE 250

Shauna uses the Sweetheart/Queen of Hearts sculpt. This doll has deep red cognac hair in an up do and dramatic side glancing olive green eyes to compliment her celadon green asymmetrical chiffon cocktail dress. Also included is a 5"x7" print of Brian Bulkley's artwork of this doll, commissioned by MetroDolls.

Vanity Set
by Facets by Marcia

Scaled for a 16" fashion doll. Includes comb, hand mirror, powder tin with cotton puff, mirror tray and 3 Murano glass perfume bottles - 2 with atomizer tops. Perfume bottles vary in each set. Below picture shows a few of the 50+ different bottles made.


Merlot Constance CED doll
by Doug James/JDJ Intl LE 30

This gorgeous CED doll was the centerpiece at our 2007 MetroCouture luncheon. She has a long straight brunette wig with a blonde streak. She comes with a gold table, hinged cuff bracelet by Facets by Marcia, a floral arrangement by Annie's Florals (3 different ones - random), and a Limoges bowl from France.


Vines and Leaves Jewelry by Facets
Silvertone chandelier earrings and hinged cuff bracelet with Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

by Karen O'Brien and produced by Bella Productions!
This outfit fits almost any 16" fashion doll. A silvery under dress with pleated bottom is covered with black lace and geometric cummerbund. A black opera coat lined in silver with pleated ruffled collar, matching purse and shoes complete the look.



This adorable set consists of a wood palette and paintbrush, a Paris painting and a beret made by Jen Perski. Paintings vary (all Paris scenes) and there are 8 - 10 different ones available.

Dining at Maxim's
DAE Outfit for 16" Fashion Dolls
LE 100
1950's asymmetrical suit in deep rose crepe with black jacquard lining and details. This complete outfit includes strapless dress, jacket, belt, gloves, purse, shoes, jewelry, and hat. Also included is a 5" x 7" print of Brian Bulkley's artwork. This outfit fits most 16" fashion dolls and is shown on the right on Gene, and Tyler.


Metropolitan Madra
From Integrity Toys/Jason Wu LLC/Mel Odom LE 250

Carrot haired Madra with a lovely vintage hair style wears a burgundy satin gown with jeweled detail and corsage.


  This set consists of a mirror, comb & powder holder/puff


Hollywood Nights Silk Peignoir Set and Metro Cocktail Set

Black silk peignoir set with charmeuse gown, chiffon robe, sash and shoes. Cocktail set with 2 glass martini glasses, 2 glass bottles, metal shaker and hors d'oeuvres platter


White Russian Gene outfit
by Jason Wu LLC/Mel Odom LE 75

This white version of Gene's Sambucca outfit was also used on our Gene centerpiece dolls, a restyled Essentially Blush Gene.


Symphony of the Heart
DAE Outfit for 16" Fashion Dolls LE 150

1950's style cocktail ensemble in sumptuous black brocade with red, white and black accents. This complete outfit includes dress, petticoat, gloves, purse, shoes, rhinestone jewelry, and feathered hat. Also included is a 5" x 7" print of Brian Bulkley's artwork.


MetroStyle Luggage Set
by DAE Originals LE 150

2 pieces of luggage scaled for 16" dolls, including a round hatbox and square train case. Both are finished in red faux alligator with zebra plush inside. The train case includes a mirror and lift-out tray. Also included are a variety of "perfume bottles", lipstick and a compact.


MetroRuby-Essence Outfit
by Marie Migliaro of Dreamgirl Originals and produced by Bella Productions!

This outfit was designed by Marie Migliaro to fit almost any 16" fashion doll. It includes a silk slip dress with gored skirt, a frayed chiffon petal overskirt, frayed chiffon shawl, bandeau hat, purse and shoes.


Triple Strap Rhinestone Sandals by Facets
Bright red sparkling Swarovski crystal rhinestones adorn these silver metal shoes, made to fit Tyler & friends.


Heart Jewelry Set
by Facets

Silvertone slide necklace pendant in a heart shape with bright red Swarovski crystals.  Set comes with matching earrings and hinged cuff bracelet. 


MetroStyle Tyler Wentworth by Tonner Doll Company
LE 300
Our 2006 souvenir doll.

photos courtesy Tonner Doll Co. 

Sweetheart Style by Tonner Doll Company
Queen of Hearts Doll LE 250

Queen of Hearts sculpt with variegated ash blonde hair. She wears a red chemise with black lace trim and a black lace robe/jacket.

photo courtesy Tonner Doll Co. 

MetroDolls Sweatshirt by Jennifer Perski
Great sweatshirt with MetroDolls logo - fits 16" dolls.


MetroGlamour Sydney
by Tonner Doll Company LE 300

Our souvenir doll from our first luncheon in 2005. Sydney came with an additional jewelry set by Facets by Marcia and artwork by Brian Bulkley.

photo courtesy Tonner Doll Co. 

Cest Magnifique Blanc Tyler
by Tonner Doll Company LE 100

Our exquisite centerpiece doll from the 2005 MetroGlamour luncheon

photo courtesy Tonner Doll Co. 


MetroSport outfit, designed by Marie Migliaro consists of a white denim skirt with pink top stitching, white jersey crop top, pink scarf, white cap, MetroDolls tote bag, and pink/white sandals by Bella! MetroDolls also added some extra sporting accessories - a pink squash racket, pink/white sneakers and socks. Also comes with a pink faux-croc hatbox/luggage


Smokin' Hot Coquette
Caucasian: LE 100
Latina: LE 500

A 10" version of Mel Odom's Smokin' Cissy, in colors to commemorate the fight against breast cancer


MetroBenefit Gene Outfit LE 250

A special pink/black variation of the Glissando outfit. Includes dress, opera coat, hose, shoes, purse, bracelet and earrings. Produced by Ashton-Drake exclusively for MetroDolls.